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I’m Milena Kotseva, Doctor of medicine. After five years of medical practice in the field of gynaecology, just before the obligatory professional speciality exam, I was forced to change my field of practice, starting to work in the pharmaceutical industry. I have work in different positions in pharmaceutical companies but have never stopped to be a part of medical science and the doctors’ everyday problems. The work in these companies has given me the opportunity to be a direct participant in the processes of registration and commerce with pharmaceutical products/drugs, as well as to become familiar with their development and production. Meanwhile, sometimes I and my family happened to be on the other side as everybody, on the side of the patients. In such moments I was aware of the fact that we have taken the decisions of how to be medically treated, based on the so-called informed agreement, but such agreement has not always been based on the certain information, provided by a doctor or by a pharmacist, but mostly on our medical knowledge /mine and of my husband, who is also a medical doctor/ and on my experience in the field of pharmacy. It is a reality that all the people who do not have medical or pharmaceutical education, have to rely on information, being often partial or distorted. I do guarantee that really conscientious and honourable people are still a part of the healthcare system, putting upfront the health of the patient, but sadly it could not be said for all of them. So, I decided to create the Homeostaza project.

An additional cause in that direction gave me my older son Michail, being always very consistent in taking <strong>informed </strong>decisions, concerning the health lifestyle and nutrition, which we have repeatedly discussed by a medical point of view.

Maybe you should also notice my “weakness”, concerning psychological problems during childhood. This interest is “due” to my precious little son Momchil. As I’m not a psychologist and could not discuss these topics professionally, I shall provide different scientific research, giving directions, what kind of food and food substances could help in the process of addressing such problems.

I hope the Homeostaza project should be successful. And it mainly depends on the matter, if I shall be of help to you.

Best wishes

Milena Kotseva, M.D

The Homeostaza project

The idea about this project came due to my internal discomfort, concerning the healthcare system in our country, being in the position of a doctor, a patient and a representative of the pharmaceutical industry at the same time. Due to the circumstances, I combine all of the above mentioned participants in the healthcare process.

Seeking welfare (being a natural human aim, especially for those, who put lots of effort and resources in their qualification), having in mind the country of poor state and people, leads to a “degradation” of the system of which the patient suffers most. We could also add the fact, that in the healthcare system /as in all the systems/ and the sale of its products, people of poor morality and lack of responsibility are operating, seeking just the personal gain, thus making the reality darker. So, being more and more confused, the patient has to deal with the problems by their own in a field, difficult even for the professionals /doctors, pharmacists, experrts/ to manage.

The idea of this project is to support people, who are not medical professionals and to present topics discussing appropriate methods for prevention and cure of certain diseaces. I’m a doctor and surely could discuss the treatment of serious diseases with “serious” medicines, still I consider more appropriate to accent on the natural remedies for treating and prevention of numerous conditions to which they could be applied. Discussions of the healthy lifestyle and the appropriate nutrition, being the basis of the healthy being, shall also be a sufficient part of the Homeostaza project.

Homeostasis is the tendency towards a stable equilibrium and balance of a living system. The Homeostasis is the main goal of every living organism. Our actions of inactions in different situations could help or prevent our body to settle the equilibrium desired. So, in this site, I should try to be of help in finding the best solution in certain situations, using my qualification and experience in the different fields of the healthcare system.

The articles, which shall be published here, shall consist of proven facts and shall meet the latest research of the problems discussed. The research and sources, used for writing the articles should be found right after the end of the relevant articles. All of the above could be found in the BLOG section of the site.

In the STORE section should be found products of high quality, provided by proven and credible producers. The origin of these products shall be only from countries, in which the production is strictly controlled, and the respective laboratories, being responsible for the verification of the quality of the products, inspected regularly.

Finally I would like to point that everybody could feel free to suggest topics for discussion, being of their interest. I shall expect your suggestions as comments in the Blog or via the contact form. I shall try to provide my opinion on certain matters, motivated and based on serious research.


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