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The delivery is free of charge to offices of Econt and Speedy. The delivery in a business day to a personal address by Speedy is also free of charge. You could provide any convenient office of Econt or Speedy by writing “Office of Econt” or “Office of Speedy” and fill in its name and/or address in the delivery fields of the order form. You could find the most convenient office of Econt here and of Speedy – here.

The delivery to a personal address by Speedy in Saturday or other half holiday shall cost 4.00 BGN. The delivery to a personal address by Econt costs 4.00 BGN in a business day or 6.00 BGN on Saturday or in other half-holiday. If you provide only personal or business address in the address for delivery fields we shall send your order by Speedy. If you prefer the delivery to be made by Econt to a personal address, please fill in “Delivery by Econt” in the second address field.

Attention! The additional delivery fees, described above, shall be calculated on PROCESSING your order, but not on its initial receiving. If the order has been paid on delivery, the fee shall be calculated thereto. If the purchase payment is made via payment card or by EPay, and if you asked for delivery with a separate fee due, these delivery fees shall be calculated as payment on delivery.

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